The Fighter is BOOM.

Today i went to town & finally replaced the gorgeous leather jacket my sister lost in a nightclub a year ago. That, along with successfully re-piercing my nose in Massey’s ladies toilets, has made me feel whole again. Piercings & a leather jacket are usually symbols of a mid life crisis, however i’m a 22 year old female, so i’m sure there’s nothing to worry about…

After the pub i went to see The Fighter with this boy i think is bang tidy. Christian Bale is proper good in it, i wanted to clap at the end when… Well when that happens. I also got to have share an iceblast, i love them so much i used to go to the Odeon in the summer when i wasn’t even going to see a film, especially for the sugary icy goodness. I should probably go to bed now, but it feels like a waste since i don’t have anything to do until tomorrow night. Unless i cut up some of my jeans into shorts to wear for tomorrow, hmm…

This is why i bought my new leather jacket. Damn my sister for losing the old one. I miss being so young & carefree.

This is why i bought my new leather jacket. Damn my sister for losing the old one. I miss being so young & carefree.


Haven’t updated this shit in a while.

Today i got puked on by my grandmother while my mum laughed at me.

“And soon everybody will ask, what became of you?
Cause your heart was dying fast, & you didn’t know what to do.”

Er… Maybe Before I’m 23…?

So i had a list of things i wanted to achieve by the time i was 22. My 22nd birthday is in 8 days. Here is that secret list, & how i fared over the course of a year…

1. Learn to drive, or at least take lessons.
Okay so i have no excuse for this one. I didn’t even order my provisional. & tbf i don’t even know my left & right without doing the hand thing & surely that would be classed as dangerous driving, considering you use both hands…

2. Go to the Zoo & see the giraffes.

3. Go on holiday with Matt.

4. Finally get my phoenix tattoo.
Now this one is not really my fault, i’ve had different designs done & i just haven’t been happy with them. Not exactly going to get a massive permanent inking on my body if i’m not entirely happy with it.

5. Save at least 1000 pounds.
I think i may have been high when i wrote this one. I have 1p in my savings account.

6. Go to a gig or concert with Dawn, as she has never been to one.
Well… She works a lot, & our taste in music is very different. Plus she is all loved up with Al now & moving in. No money for frivilous activities right now.

7. Buy Wii & Wii Fit to get generally healthier. Slim does not equal healthy.
Okay so we got it… Then we had to sell it cause we were broke & never used it. So technically…

8. Cook healthier meals. Learn two dishes from scratch.
Umm… Well i did cook healthy food for a while, but then it got expensive & tedious & i prefer to smoke & drink than eat in general so that kind of went out the window. & i learnt how to cook perfect jacket spuds so i think that should count for something…

9. Do more together as a couple, spend quality time together at least once a fortnight.
So we kind of broke up…

10. Finally break Whiskers out of the kitty orphanage.
Matt’s mum Karen bought me little Isis from the good people at Cats Protection for my 21st birthday, best present ever.

11. Spend more time with my mum. Make the time to see her at least once a week.

12. At least cut down on drinking & smoking.
I love how much faith i had in Future Mel.

13. Buy more presents for Matt, to show him how much i appreciate him.
Well i fulfilled this one.

14. Cook a dinner for my whole family at my house.
I’m not very good at doing these normal domestic things.

In conclusion, i have decided that i am going to be less ambitious next year. Which depresses me slightly as i know that at this very point last year, i sat down & thought “I’d better not make it too difficult, as i’ll only fail miserably & feel shit”
Still, 6/14 isn’t bad. That’s almost half. Almost…


Proper loving this atm.

Cats are awesome.

Cats are awesome.


We’re The Lovers On The Streets.

I finally had a haircut. & since my last one was in 2009 it’s not a moment too soon. Didn’t have anything particularly drastic done to it, apart from the length at the front going, which i kinda regret now. It’s not a new feeling, i always do shit & then think awww why couldn’t i have just been happy with it the way it was. I have to tinker with everything until i ruin it. At least its not as bad as the time i was on a major comedown & decided to chop off my own hair til i got to just below my ears.


Completely stressing out about Christmas now. The rent still hasn’t been paid, & i won’t have any money for like… A week. I have so many presents left to buy, & i have no idea how i’m going to afford it all. I also can’t have a drink to take the edge off the stress & have fun, since i’m on these fucking disgusting antibiotics for a week. Bad enough, but i also have to eat with every one, which means three meals a day, which means hello fatass. I’m not being rude to people who eat normally, my body is just not that way inclined, & i have felt sick & bloated for days because of it. I’m actually sick of them.

On a happier note… Er… My shop now stocks Fanta Lemon. Yeah, thats it for today.


I love this version of this song. Its my favourite, & i say that in full knowledge of the HIM version…

“I look like yes & you look like no” Nicki Minaj
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